We live in the information society. In the world of data. The access to these data and to a correct interpretation is fundamental to achieving success in any market. In the Halal market, and unlike others, the lack of information and experienced centers to analyze data correctly, discourages companies from entering this market. In order for companies to see the opportunities represented by the Halal market, value them and make successful decisions, they need to have at their disposal a series of specialized marketing intelligence services.


Many businesses are missing out on a market segment they could otherwise attract if they were Halal Compliant. The Halal certification remains unknown to many companies, especially in non OIC countries, where it´s seen as a complex process resulting from confusing regulation linked only to F&B products. This fact makes it complicated for companies to capitalize on the great opportunities offered by this fast-growing market, valued at more than 2 billion dollars and that goes beyond the F&B products as well as the Muslim World. Many people are discovering Halal foods and related products are actually healthier and better for them. Even though they might not be Muslim, they view Halal foods and related products as similar to purchasing organic and kosher.


The main challenge that certified companies face is marketing of their Halal products. Many certified companies doesn’t succeed because they don´t have reliable market access. Others, due to the lack of financing to produce or sell their Halal products worldwide or because they don´t know where to set up to produce and sell these products with comfort. All this makes it necessary to articulate services to facilitate and guarantee companies a successful landing in potential markets.